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Local Place Plan

Local Place Plan (Updated 1 Apr 24)

The Local Place has been finalised and submitted to Midlothian Council on 28 March 24 in accordance with the required procedure.

You can view the Final Local Place Plan at the following link:

Local Place Plan (LPP) - Final


Local Place Plan (Updated 10 Feb 24)

Following on from the surveys undertaken in the latter part of 2023 the Community Council has been appraising the feedback from residents.

From the feedback we have compiled the Local Place Plan (LPP) which is presently in DRAFT form. This is because there is a procedure to follow before submitting the final document. It includes the sharing the contents of the LPP with Councillors, Midlothian Council, other Community Councils and residents to enable further feedback to be obtained. 

Any comments on the content are welcome, although they may or may not be included in the final document. The final edit will be completed by the Office Bearers prior to the final LPP being presented to Midlothian Council by 31 March 24.

Below is the link to the DRAFT LPP.  If you wish to make any comments on the content please forward these to our email address at or from the Contact Us section on the website.

Please submit your comments by Mon 11 Mar 24.



Local Place Plan Survey

New planning legislation (NPF4) means we all have a chance to be part of Midlothian’s future. Our Local Place Plan (LPP) will have statutory status. The Community Council is commisioning a survey to get your views. Other local organisations are entitled to, and may wish to make their own submissions.

The questions in the survey are based on the Place Standard assessment as recommended to us. The purpose of this survey is to get your views on what it feels like to live in Bonnyrigg and District. Rate your answers from 1 (poor) to 7 (excellent), then add your comments (optional). Give consideration to the situation at present, and what could be improved for the future.

The survey form can be found at the following link: Local Place Plan - Survey

Complete the form and submit it.

If you wish to comment on any subject relevant to Bonnyrigg and District that might be included in our LPP, but is not dealt with adequately here, please contact us at this email address giving details:

Photographs which represent the area or illustrate suggestions are also welcome.

Further information on Local Place Plans can be found at:   Midlothian Council Place Plans

Thank you for taking the time to give us your views.
Bonnyrigg & District Community Council