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MLDP2 - Tell Us About Your Community

MLDP2 - Tell Us About Your Community


Added at 07:36 on 11 May 2023

The Council are reviewing the Midlothian Local Development Plan (MLDP). The first stage in this process is to gather information about the area for an Evidence Report.


The Council want to know the views of local communities on the areas of Midlothian that they live, work or spend time in.  Where we spend our time has an important effect on our lives and our wellbeing.  Understanding what is good about a place now, and what could be better, will help us make good decisions and allow us to plan for the right things.


The Council have prepared a “Place Standard Survey” to ask for opinions on difference aspects of your community at this link: 

Local Development Plan 2 Activity - Place Standard Survey - Midlothian Council - Citizen Space


The survey asks for opinions on:

- Moving Around, Public Transport and Traffic & Parking

- Streets and Spaces

- Natural Spaces, Play and Recreation

- Facilities and Amenities

- Work and the Local Economy

- Housing and Social Contact

- Safety, Care and Maintenance


For each question, participants are asked rate these aspects on a scale from 1 (a lot of room for improvement) to 7 (very little room for improvement).  There is also space to write comments in relation to the questions.  It is not necessary to answer all of the questions.


The results of the survey will help us understand the good things about living in Midlothian and the things that we may be able to improve through the next Local Development Plan.  We will also present the results of the survey in the Evidence Report that we will submit to the Scottish Government for approval in early 2024.


The Council are also asking Midlothian's organisations and businesses to tell us about their needs and interests relating to Midlothian as a place. We also want to know what information they think we should be considering for the Evidence Report.  There is a separate survey for businesses and organisations at this link:                                                                              

Local Development Plan 2 Activity - Organisations & Businesses Survey - Midlothian Council - Citizen Space